“Not only is Guiding Light the best dance school. I can’t say enough to the teachers who help bring confidence out in the kids and show then they really can dance and they dance good and try hard. Ms. Jen, you are amazing and the studio is one of the best things that has happened in my kids life. (my son now dances on stage!!!) You are truly talented and such inspiration. I also have watch the dancers grow over the past few years and become better and that also brought tears to my eye.”—–Rizzuto Family, son 9 yrs. old and daughter 6 yrs. old.

“Thanks for keeping our girls “little girls” by keeping their dances and attire appropriate. It shows them that content and hard work come across much better than flash, you can have people appreciate your craft not just your look. My daughter has gained so much by working with the teachers and all the girls at Guiding Light.” —-Collins Family, daughter 12 yrs. old

“It is nice to see some of the older members of the dance team work with the younger ones, I know my daughter appreciated that and it made her confident in what she needed to do. Great job miss Jen! We are proud to send our daughter to GLDA for dance and I know she learns a great deal from you and your students.” —–Bada Family, daughter 11 yrs. old

“Ms. Jen is an outstanding teacher with a wonderful, caring, respectful attitude towards our children. They have learned so much from her!” —-Poirier Family, daughter, 11 yrs. old

“My daughter has blossomed taking dance at GLDA. She takes such pride in practicing (both there and at home!), and enjoys EVERY minute she spends doing it. I know we haven’t been a part of the “dance family” for long, but you have made us both very comfortable and welcomed.”—-Coppinger Family, daughter 15 yrs. old

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